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Craftwell Cocktails Pineapple Margarita
Craftwell Cocktails Blueberry Cosmo


Craftwell Cocktails™ are made in the Pacific Northwest by the team at 2 Towns Ciderhouse. With a mission to bring craft cider back to the people, 2 Towns was founded on the idea that integrity in both ingredients and process would make a better cider. 

As innovators in the cider space, we always look to push the boundaries of what craft beverages can be, never afraid to do things differently using real fruit ingredients. It didn’t take long before those boundaries started to blur, and we saw no reason the same innovative spirit couldn’t apply to beverages beyond cider as well. 

Craftwell Cocktails™ is our take on what a fruit forward, great tasting, award-winning cider-based cocktail can be. When real fruit and a little innovation collide, the result is an explosion of delicious flavor, packaged in a convenient ready to drink can. Simply pour over ice, or drink chilled straight from the can, a delicious craft cocktail is now always within reach. Cheers!

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